Creating a great candidate experience

Creating a great experience in the video interview is the difference between winning or losing a candidate

Creating a great experience in the video interview is the difference between winning or losing a candidate in the interviewing process. Every interaction a candidate has with your career brand has a direct impact on their view of your company and how you do business.

How are you perceived by candidates? Are you seen as accessible, modern, technology forward, friendly? You want your technology to reflect your brand. When using video or audio interviewing in your process it offers one more opportunity to create a great candidate experience. Here are five recommendations for creating a great candidate experience in the video interview.
Consent and Waiver
When integrating a one way video interview into your application or interviewing process you are asking candidates to answer questions in video format, activated through your software, recorded on their device. The first thing you need to ensure is that your software includes the presentation of a clear consent waiver for checking before the candidate enters the interview. This waiver should disclose details of the way the information is processed and assessed by recruiters, your storage term and the security of the submitted data. It should also include a privacy email contact for candidates if they have questions. You are required to capture and store that consent on file.
Any device
The video interviewing software should be accessible on any device. The software shouldn’t require the candidate to have to download an app from the app store creating an additional, unnecessary task for the candidate and an interruption in the process. This will reduce your conversion stats on the video interview. Instead, check that your software can be accessed directly by clicking a link using WebRTC software that activates through the browser allowing candidates to respond from their phone or computer with no uploads or downloads.
Diversity options
Now more than ever it is important to be able to provide the widest range of options to candidates giving them the choice of what format they want to submit their interview in. Ensure your software allows candidates the option for audio only responses (instead of video) and blind interviewing review for recruiters. It’s important to tell candidates right up front that this is an option for them and, if they opt for audio-only, it won’t impact the way they are being assessed or evaluated.
Immediate support
Last but certainly not least is the support candidates receive when they are participating in a video interview. Because a video interview is in the moment, your support also needs to be immediately accessible. Make sure they have all the answers available in your support widget for immediate review and a live person on the other side for immediate access when responding to tickets to prevent losing candidates in the process if they have a question if they can’t get an answer. Offer a live chat or submit-a -ticket support option with a less-than five minute response time. Live is better.

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